Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Your Move, Rest of the Summer Movies

Last week, I named Magic Mike XXL as one of my most anticipated summer movies. Surely, you know why. Give me any chance to shamelessly see an abundance of male thrustage with a great story, and I'm there. The second trailer debuted today, and it looks like it's going to deliver. 


It's such a tease, and it's great to see how aware it is of itself. You can almost hear the wall of screaming from inside the theater now...

Does Joe Manganiello know how to strip but not how to walk? He struts like this in the beginning of the trailer, but it makes me giggle in the worst way. Maybe he's actually a werewolf? Just look at Channing and The Bomer. That's all anyone needs. 


We need to talk about Matt Bomer for a second. I've always felt like he got the shaft in the first Magic Mike, but he's very abundant in this full-length trailer. I hope all of his juicy bits are in this trailer, and there's more for the actual film. But...come on...

There are appearances by Elizabeth Banks and and overly clothed Donald Glover. Why he isn't as naked as the other men, I don't know. This needs rectified.

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