Wednesday, March 4, 2015

'Beauty' Finds Her Beast and Gaston

There hasn't been very much news lately on the casting front of the live-action version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. After Emma Watson was announced as Belle, it quieted down considerably. That all changed today when the two leading men in Belle's life were cast.

Luke Evans will be chasing after Belle as Gaston, and Dan Stevens will win her heart as The Beast. How does everyone feel about these decisions? I was kind of hoping that Chris Evans or Channing Tatum (perhaps Henry Cavill even?) would take on the role of Gaston, because he's so deliriously ridiculous. The most ridiculous thing about Evans is that Dracula Untold was his last feature film. 

I rolled my eyes when I heard about Evans (...ahem...), but look at his face compared to the animated version. It's pretty darn accurate, if you ask me (something about the slimness of the face). Is Bill Condon wanting the smoothest transition possible with Gaston? 

When it comes to Stevens, I'm totally on board. Just this weekend, I saw The Guest, and that was bonkers. If Stevens can throw himself into the ridicilousness of an almost-robot soldier gone rogue, I'm thrilled he's stepping into the part of an angry prince/musical theater tortured beast who lives with ridiculous talking objects. 

Condon said that Beauty and the Beast is going to be a musical, so let's just hope that they don't cut one of my favorite songs in the show. 

He is pretty good with casting, but, come on, he's only directed Dreamgirls. Surely, Jennifer Hudson will vouch for him. 

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