Friday, March 13, 2015

There Should Be a Cate Doll for Every Film She Makes

Originally, I was hesitant to see the new live-action version of Cinderella. The first trailer basically told the entire story, so why waste the money on seeing the newest one? Cate Blanchett's costumes, that's why! The Aussie should have a limited edition doll for every role she takes on.

While walking around the Disney store (as one does when one lives in Miami), I came across a doll for Blanchett's wicked stepmother, and she was a beauty. I almost bought her, and I sort of regret not spending the cash. Cate could keep my RuPaul doll company on the bookshelf in my living room.

It looks like the doll's outfits were made by Sandy "I already have 2 of these" Powell herself. She's an early frontrunner for Best Costume Design, right? No contest. The Disney promos have actually worn me down, and I'm looking forward to seeing Cinderella this weekend. I'll tell myself it's just for the costumes. 

It got me thinking. What other Cate Blanchett parts would make a good 18 inch doll? Can someone please make a line of Cate dolls that everyone can collect for their Waylon Smithers style doll room? Here are a few suggestions.

Cate's most recent Oscar win first comes to mind when dressing up dolls. The Blue Jasmine doll can come with an array of outfits (that red dress!), but my only suggestion is that she comes with a Birkin bag and martini ready to drink. If they can work in a sweating option, that'd be awesome. 

The Elizabeth films had to be on here, right? This one from The Golden Age always stood out in my mind, because of the headpiece. You could just change her hair and throw on some armor. 

It's all about the accessories. 

The world needs a Blanchett I'm Not There doll. You know it. I know it. Make it happen. 

People probably forget about Ron Howard's The Missing, but there has to be a marker for a medicine woman doll from the late 19th century. Throw in another horse and a shotgun and you have one of the most original dolls in this collection!

Notes on a Scandal is one of my favorite films on Blanchett's filmography, so this had to land here. You could do so many looks from this film: relaxed bohemian Cate, scarfy, sneaking around Cate, or mascara-smeared, brawling with Judi Dench Cate. They could make a Judy Dench doll, and you can recreate their fight scene in your very own home! There could be a "roaring screaming at the media" feature.

What other Cate dolls could they make? Katharine Hepburn from The Aviator? Meredith from The Talented Mr. Ripley? Carol from the upcoming Todd Haynes drama Carol? The options are endless! Someone needs to make these happen. Pronto. 

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