Tuesday, December 9, 2014

'L5Y' Trailer: All About Anna

My initial reaction to the trailer for The Last Five Years was muted probably because I love the musical so much. It's one of my all time favorite shows, so I was naturally hesitant that they were going to destroy something that I loved. My heart would have been ripped out like Cathy's from the beginning of the musical. Everyone reacts to L5Y in a slightly different way, because everyone has had their heart broken in different ways. Ultimately, it's a universal story packed inside a very specific tale. 

The trailer focuses almost entirely on Anna Kendrick, and that's fine by me. Cathy starts the show crushed over her husband, Jamie, leaving her, and Jeremy Jordan is barely in the trailer. It's seriously almost all Anna. Anna, Anna, Anna. Perhaps they are doing it on purpose for 2 reasons: 1. Kendrick is much more well known that her co-star. 2. Kendrick received most of the praise when the film debuted in Toronto earlier this fall. 

That's not something you should brag about...

This is my favorite moment from the trailer. Who knew Wayne would get a cameo?!

Jason Robert Brown!!!

I haaaaaate this tagline. It's very much appreciated that the trailer is telling the world that this is a musical from the very beginning (get into it, Into the Woods!), and it was nice to see "Tony nominated" before Kendrick's and Jordan's names. This tagline is terrible, though. The characters don't know it's a musical. They are just expressing their emotions through song.

Ultimately, I think it looks good. I need to let go more with this show. There's a fear that every single little teenager is going to start belting out "Still Hurting" or "Climbing Uphill" at auditions, and that would be a travesty. Let go, Joey, let go. I'm on board.

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