Thursday, October 16, 2014

In Case You Needed to be Convinced of Neil Patrick Harris...

No one actually views Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Academy Awards as a bad thing, right? Didn't think so. In case there is one person out there who is against NPH taking the next step toward EGOT hosting, I ask this individual to take a look at Harris hosting the Tony and Emmy Awards.

So, we are guaranteed some musical numbers, correct? For good measure, let's watch NPH kill it as Hedwig from this year's Tony Awards.  

You're still secretly on the fence? Well, here's a picture of Neil Patrick Harris on a unicorn--a poster that I proudly have in my collection. Nuff said. Suck it, haters. Wait, there's no such thing as a NPH hater. 


  1. Back in the days of MySpace, my profile picture was the NSP on a Unicorn photo.

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