Friday, October 17, 2014

Willkommen, Emma!

The last time Cabaret was revived on Broadway (back in 1998), it became a celebrity stage institution. Like Chicago, Cabaret hosted a slew of well-known actors and actresses in the roles of The Emcee and Sally Bowles. When I saw it, Gina Gershon pleaded for me not to tell mama, and Matt McGrath pranced around shirtless as the playful master of ceremonies. 

Emma Stone is set to take over the role of Sally from Michelle Williams on November 11th. Entertainment Weekly has the first official image of Stone in her sexy lingerie, and, sorry to all the haters out there, she looks fantastic. I've always suspected that she would have been great for Sally, because men are always drawn to here, but they can feel comfortable with her as well.

Surely, a lot of men would have a hard time saying "no" to Stone's Sally if she asked to room with them...

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