Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hold On To Your Butts...'Jurassic World' Tease Drops

Seeing Jurassic Park in the theater in the summer of 1993 was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. When the T-Rex attacked the SUV with Tim and Lex in the backseat, it was sheer pandemonium: people were screaming, kids were bawling, and concerned parents left the theater. Perhaps moviegoing experiences will never be that insane again with everything being chatted about on social media, and the first trailer makes me yearn for the original dinosaur blockbuster. Jurassic World's first teaser leaked today, and I have some mixed feelings. 

I'm generally against reboots, but I was originally very stoked about this. I am shaking my cane like an old man, but everything in this trailer seems too CGI-ed. 

"What do they got in there? King Kong?"

No, just a team of special effects technicians. 

The tease features some very clear homages to the original Park, and that's great to see (the gallimimus running and the bait used to lure a big baddie), but I am hesitant about the genetically created dinosaur. Up the stakes? Sure. Play more into the "man isn't God" theme? Absolutely. The shot of the whale-y dinosaur splashing the audience made me realize that animals in captivity might never be free. Yeah, that's right. I got all Blackfish on you for the Jurassic World teaser.

I was ready to write off the entire thing...and then that slowed down version of John Williams' score kicked in. I was sort of transported back to 1993, and I realized that the Jurassic Park movies are so much a part of my childhood that I don't think I will be able to have a rational reaction to it. This one's about a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur...and then things alllll go to hell. Natch.

Oh, hey Bryce Dallas Howard as a gorgeous but shortsighted scientist. I assume she is bad because she's talking about genetics one minute and then she's running for her life with a flair not unlike Laura Dern with a flashlight dragging behind her.

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