Friday, November 14, 2014

The Contract Makes Appearance in 'Fifty Shades' Trailer!

If you have listened to the Fifty Shades of Suck podcast (starring yours truly and Megan), you would know how much we hate EL James' decision to include Christian Grey's dom/sub contract in full multiple times. We are closing in on the halfway mark of Fifty Shades Darker, and it hasn't made an appearance yet. I mean, it probably will. 

The full length trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey just debuted, and it features a shot of the contract! Rapture! Joy! Not only will we read the whole thing, but we will be fucking forced to look at it projected onto a movie screen. Fan-frickin'-tastic! 

Some other things are realized with this trailer:

1. Thank the BABY JESUS that Charlie Hunnam is far, far, far away from this.

2. I mean, I don't hate this...

3. No one could make Anastasia Steele's dialogue sound remotely real/credible/intelligent. Dakota Johnson is fighting a losing battle here. Poor thing. 

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