Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Poll: Which Peter Pan Trailer Tune is Better?

The trailer for Joe Wright's re-imagining of Peter Pan (titled Pan) hit today, and it looks like a fantastical version of the beginnings of Peter Pan. We seem him getting kidnapped out of his bed, meeting Hook, and facing off against Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard. What do I think of the trailer? Well, I can't hear anything other than the Christina Perri song playing in the background. 

Does anyone remember when Coldplay's "Clocks" played in the trailer for the 2003 version of Peter Pan? All I keep thinking of is Jason Isaac and Olivia Williams running to find their children in a kind of slow motion while that song played. Perri's "I Believe" blares throughout the trailer amid flying ships and scenery chewing. Which do you like more? You can check out both trailer below the poll in case you need a refresher!

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