Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Open Plea: Go See 'Enough Said' While it is Still Here!!!

Last week, a friend wanted to see a movie on his night out, and he was deciding between two titles.  He asked me if he should check out The Fifth Estate or Enough Said.  I immediately told him to go see Enough, because I loved it so much.  It is one of my favorite movies of the year.  I didn't bother to see the WikiLeaks drama, so I'm sorry Benedict. 

Late last night, I was checking the listings for this upcoming weekend, and I noticed that the Galleria Theater in Mt. Lebanon will be keeping the Nicole Holofcener's comedy for at least another week.  Everyone should go check out this little movie that could.  It's sweet and warm and a great date movie. If you haven't seen the trailer yet, don't watch it.  It gives away a plot point that I imagine would have been great to have been surprised by.  Just go.  No, I'm serious.  Get your keys, jump in your car, and just go.

All I will say is that Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as Eva, a massage therapist who is reluctant to face the fact that her daughter is heading off to college.  She begins a romance with Albert played by the late James Gandolfini.  These two have such a sweet chemistry that feels so lived-in.  Gandolfini is so sweet and cuddly.  I don't want to give away anything more than that, plot-wise. 

Yesterday, Variety featured a great gallery of directors commenting on films of this year.  Ben Affleck called Holofcener's film "sublime," and he praised the film's realistic performances.  The whole article is a good read.  Louis-Dreyfus recently went on record to say that she's very proud of the reaction to the film.  It's her first on screen appearance since Woody Allen's Deconstructing Harry in 1997 (she also voiced the main female insect in A Bug's Life in 1998). 

The film has made $16 million to day, and, while one may not think that's very much, it's pretty impressive for a small-budget indie.  It's Holofcener's most successful film. 

I plea with everyone, because movies like this aren't necessarily made that often anymore.  The lead is a woman over 40, and it's directed by a woman.  If it wasn't a good movie, I probably wouldn't be endorsing it as much, but it's so fucking good!  It's tender and sweet and funny--man, is it funny.  Adult stories like this deserve to be seen.  Please go. 

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