Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Wish I Could Have Thanksgiving with Debbie Jellinsky

I have been thinking a lot about Addams Family Values lately.  Thanksgiving is next week, and AFV has that hilarious holiday pageant where Wednesday and Pugsley play Pocahontas and a doomed turkey, respectively.  Buzzfeed has a great piece yesterday about the film turning 20 years old, a fact that excites and depresses me.  I know I will be watching the movie next week while I scarf down mashed potatoes.

Joan Cusack, as the villainous Debbie Jellinsky, is so funny in it.  Debbie is a golddigger who marries Uncle Fester, and, in the end, Cusack delivers an awesome monologue about how her partents gave her the wrong Barbie doll.  I, too, could feel the pain of not getting the Barbie of my desires.  Maybe that's why Debbie and I are meant to be together?  Or it's my overwhelming love of Joan Cusack?  Both probably.

Come on over, Debbie.  We will drink and scheme about the men we want to take down.

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