Friday, November 15, 2013

If I Knew Everyone in the Bible was this Hot, I Might've Paid Attention

Does Noah look like 2012 a bit to anyone else?  The trailer for Darren Aronofsky's epic film dropped yesterday afternoon, and everyone is in a tizzy over it.  It certainly looks a bit more exciting than I expected.  I wasn't expecting a super VFX-driven movie.  Guess I wasn't paying attention.  I also didn't know that everyone in the Bible was so hot! 

Now I want to watch Black Swan

Oh, hey, Cain and Abel...

We first meet Russell Crowe's Noah as he talks about the dreams he's had involving water, and then we get to see some other Biblical stuff.  Biblical highlights?  Cain and Abel (above), and what I presume is the snake in the Garden of Eden. 

More bad shit going down...

Man, Noah's family is good-looking!  Jennifer Connelly is gorgeous, and their daughter is Emma Watson for eff's sake.  Noah's family would be making lots of people green with envy in the line at Picture People. 

Is it just me, or do all those costumes look incredibly comfortable?  The first two times I watched it, I kept staring at the loose tunichs and jackets. 

The trailer features some bright colors--orange and brown near the beginning, and then blacks and blues in the second half.  Perhaps the action is the way to get people into the theater, and then unfurl an epic story.  Aronofsky hasn't directed anything since Black Swan a few years ago, so I am really amped to see this.

How does everyone else feel about Noah?  Go for the promised action, but stay for the story?  I'm on board. 

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