Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Get Lost, Finding Nemo 2!!!

"I know what you're thinking.  But we need the money."

Finding Nemo might be my favorite Pixar movie.  There.  I said it.  A declaration of ridiculous magnitude.  This is why I was hesitant to be excited when Pixar announced they greenlit a sequel to one of their highest grossing films.  Hesitant is the wrong word.  Fear.  I greatly fear that they are going to Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blonde all over my good memories.

Exhibit A of my good memories:

Thank GOD Ellen DeGeneres has signed on to be Dory.  This is the only cheerful thing about all this sequel business.

I had heard Pixar was going to do this, but I figured it would get stuck in development hell forever, and then it would never get made.  Today, however, I read that Albert Brooks (the voice of overly protective father Marlin) has "finally" signed on for the sequel.  I find this hold out kind of ridiculous.  You mean to tell me that you had to hold out on working with one of the most successful and prestigious studios of our time?  Whatever, Marlin!  Your son deserves to get lost.  

Which brings me to my next concern.  What the fishsticks is this movie going to be about?  Is Nemo simply going to get lost...wait for it...AGAIN?!?!  I know nothing about the plot has been released yet, but it's sounding a little too Home Alone 2: Lost in New York for me.  (For the record, I don't mind a HA2:LiNY-esque romp.  Hell, for most of my childhood I argued that Home Alone 2 was better than Home Alone because Macauley Culkin got to stay at the Plaza Hotel and visit Duncan's Toy Chest.  It was the elitist in me , I guess).  

Pixar has a slew of fantastic writers, so I shouldn't be that concerned.  However, when I think that I am 100% comfortable with the idea that this might work, this pops in my head: 

Cars 2.  Cars mother fucking 2.  I have the attention span of grated cheese, and I couldn't sit through this.  Seriously.  A movie about secret agent cars doesn't seem like something that comes from a competent group of writers.  That's why I am nervous.  If they can make Cars 2, they can destroy everything I hold dear about a little clownfish getting lost and scared in a vast, cold ocean. 

Just flush the little turd down the drain now.  Along with my happiness.  

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  1. One, I loved Cars. Two, you're finally catching up to how I felt about Finding Nemo 1. Condragulations. Even though I'm not a fan of FN, I agree with you that this is a terrible idea.