Sunday, February 10, 2013

SJP: Dressing it on down

Let me be the first to admit that I know NOTHING about clothes.  Nothing.  I can barely dress myself in the morning and get away with it.  I mean, sure, I can look at a woman in a beautiful gown on a red carpet, and I  have an opinion about it.  Natch.

I tuned into this year's BAFTA telecast tonight, and when Sarah Jessica Parker presented the Best Lead Actor award, I was a little surprised that Ms. Carrie Bradshaw was so dressed down.

Standing behind a podium, this Elie Saab black jumpsuit seemed even simpler.  I personally hate when women wear pants to award shows, so I was a bit irked when she walked out.  It reminds me, however, of when Sharon Stone proudly threw on a GAP t-shirt before she presented at the Oscars a while back.  Anyone?  Anyone?

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  1. LOL I think about Sharon Stone's GAP shirt more often than any grown woman should. Like I was literally thinking of it yesterday.