Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Two Mothers trailer: Ready for Everyone to Hate It?

Director Anne Fontaine's new film, Two Mothers, explores the friendship between two female friends (Robin Wright and Naomi Watts) who start sleeping with each other's hunky sons.  Shrieks from pro-family groups can be heard in the distance.  The international title for the film is Perfect Mothers, but you can imagine how that would go over stateside.

The international trailer was released recently, along with some stills from the film.  The surfer sons, Austrailians Xavier Samuels and James Frencheville, are apparently shirtless for their share of scenes.  Hey, you don't hear me complaining!

Early word from this year's Sundance Film Festival suggests that the film takes itself too seriously, and, in the third act, some unintentional laughter might arise.  I think it's great that Fontaine is depicting a story with unapologetic female sexuality.  Especially older female sexuality.  

The trailer made me nervous, however, because I know people are going to haaaaate it.  Even if the movie itself has problems, people are going to poke fun at it ("Motherlover" references are abound online), and not open up the floor for discussion.  I mean, it could be a complete trainwreck, but it could also feature some nice performances.  

Anyone have any thoughts?  


  1. They should have called this Motherboy XXX as an ode to Arrested Development.