Monday, April 15, 2013

'Catching' My Breath Over Here

This weekend was craaaazzzzyyyy.  Sorry for the delay (yes, I know that's two weekends in a row devoid of a post).  

The teaser trailer for Catching Fire (are we really calling this The Hunger Games: Catching Fire?) dropped last night at the end of the MTV Movie Awards.  I think it's funny that they are calling it a "teaser" considering it's over two minutes long.  Catching Fire is my favorite book of the trilogy, so I jumped like a five-year-old when I saw it online.  The trailer mainly focuses on the Victory Tour before Katniss and Peeta are SPOILER thrown into the Quarter Quell.  Sorry ladies and gays, no glimpse of Finnick and nothing about the arena this time around.  

"Chins up!  Smiles on!"  

What is amazing is how Elizabeth Banks looks in the one featured shot she is in.  Why has no drag queen tried to replicate her look?!  Jennifer Lawrence also looks very Cleopatra in this outfit.  Love it.  

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