Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Michelle Pfeiffer!!!

Michelle Pfeiffer is 55 years old today.  Fifty-fucking-five!!!  And she looks that good.  I am 29, and she looks better than me now. 

Pfeiffer is, sadly, an example of an amazing actress who doesn't get as much work as she should.  Las year, she was featured in People Like Us and Dark Shadows.  She was the only reason I went to see Dark Shadows, and I fell asleep half way through the movie.  Her performance in People Like Us was good, but it wasn't big enough to grab enough attention. 

I still attest that she should have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her murderous mother in White Oleander.  Her career features some really awesome highlights (that piano from The Fabulous Baker Boys is still smoking), and, thankfully, she is still working.  Let's look at some highlights!

I am sure she would hate this...but I can't think of Michelle Pfeiffer without thinking of this classic musical moment!

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