Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The 'Next' Movie Guaranteed To Make Me Poop My Pants

I am all about scary movies, and they don't usually scare me too badly (unless you're Sinister.  THAT scared the shit out of me...).  I go more for the experience of seeing them with a large crowd or with friends.  One of the best experiences I ever had was when I worked at a movie theater and I previewed The Strangers with two friends early in the morning before I opened the theater.  I am still recovering from that movie.  Home invasion movies FREAK me out, and You're Next looks like an even more extreme version of The Strangers

A masked group of ax-wielding, sledge hammer toting crazies descend onto a family reunion and terrorizes the family.  Sheesh, I wish something that exciting happened at the last Moser gathering.  Sounds like pretty standard stuff, but the trailer gives me the heebie jeebies!  I LOVE the title of the movie, though! 

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