Monday, April 29, 2013

Trailer Tracker: Chris Hemsworth Edition

What's better than one movie starring Chris Hemsworth?  Two movies starring Chris Hemsworth, natch!

Chris has always done better than his brother Liam.  Chris starred in Thor, The Avengers, and Snow White and the Huntsman while Liam had to settle for The Last Song and The Expendables 2.  At least he got into The Hunger Games trilogy.  Liam has the second chapter, Catching Fire, coming out around Thanksgiving, but Chris will beat him to the punch with two very different movies. 

In October, Hemsworth will reprise his role as Thor (the third time in three years, mind you) in Thor: The Dark World.  I admit that I didn't even realize this movie was happening because The Avengers happened, oh, you know, five minutes ago.  Thor must protect all of the Nine Realms from an enemy that is older than the universe itself (He's fighting Elaine Stritch?).  This enemy is Malekith, and, along with his army, he intends on returning said universe to darkness.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

Chris Hemsworth is kind of like the blonde, Aussie version of Channing Tatum for me.  He is on screen and I just...drool.  He is becoming one of those actors that I will see him in whatever he does.  I saw The Eagle because I was in love with Mr. Tatum.  Did anyone ever see that movie?  Didn't think so!

It is really good to see Rene Russo even though she will be in this movie for five seconds.  Anthony Hopkins also comes back as Odin, Thor's father.  He is still wearing that silly eyepatch, I see. 

One thing that always makes me giggle about Thor is charmeleon actor Tom Hiddleston as Loki.  Hiddleston is blowing up right now, but he always looks like fabulous figure skating sensation, Johnny Weir to me.

Chris's other flick, Rush, races into theaters in September.  Rush centers on the rivalry between two Formula One drivers James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) in 1976.  After a horrific crash that should have claimed his life, Lauda gets back behind the wheel after only 42 days of recovery.  I guess men will do anything for a measuring contest? 

Rush is directed by Ron Howard from a screenplay by Peter Morgan (The Queen, Frost/Nixon, anything that has to do with a Brit biopic, really).

I am digging Hemsworth's look in this trailer.  Kind of Heath Ledger-esque, right? 

He's so hot, I don't care if he's smoking in this movie.  See?  That's how much I love him.

By the hammer of, well, you, Chris Hemsworth!

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