Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cause For Celebration: Another Julianne Moore Film Trailer Drops

Apparently, this is a week where I just give my opinion on movie trailers, but I couldn't resist briefly writing up something up about The English Teacher.  I was skeptical after I saw the horrible photoshopping on the poster.

Moore plays Linda Sinclair, an english teacher who helps a former student (Michael Angarano) mount his play after he returns home from an unsuccessful sting in New York City.  Romantic and comedic entanglements ensue.  The film co-stars Lily Collins, Greg Kinnear, and Nathan Lane and is directed by Craig Zisk.  Zisk is best known from his eclectic TV resume (he's directed episodes of Smash, Weeds, The Big C, and The United States of Tara), and he is clearly comfortable directing with a female front and center. 

Does anyone else get a slight Alexander Payne vibe from this?  Like if this starred a man, it would be George Clooney, and it would guarantee him another Oscar nomination? 

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