Monday, June 16, 2014

Father of the...Bride? Threequel to Focus on Gay Wedding

Well, this is a surprise!  

I love Father of the Bride.  Hell, I even like the baby-centered sequel, Father of the Bride Part II.  Maybe I just like Steve Martin's George Banks to talk directly to me.  I don't know.  It was announced today that they are planning to go with a third installment that focuses on Matty Banks get another guy.  A Navy SEAL's son, no less.  

Are we sure that George Banks won't just keel over of a heart attack?  He will at least make this face (probably a few hundred times):

Charles Shyer, the co-writer and director of the first two films, is developing the story, and Martin, Diane Keaton, and Martin Short are expected to return.  Franck's head might explode over the gay nuptials, am I right?  Keiran Culkin played Matty in the first two pictures, but there isn't word if he will return or not.  He clearly is comfortable doing it.  Culkin was hilarious as Wallace in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and it could be one of his biggest mainstream roles in a long while.  

I'm all about a gay wedding.  It could be forgiveness for that over-the-top, gaudy Sex and the City 2 monstrosity of a gay wedding we were subjected to.  But, when you think about it, the gay wedding was least offensive thing in that.  Can there be a madcap, crazy chase scene with the gay wedding too?  Please please please!!!  

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