Monday, December 2, 2013

Double Dipping? 'Fifty Shades' to Get an NC-17 Version?

Apparently, the producers of the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey are listening to all the horny mothers out there. 

The Daily Mail reported this morning that the producers are considering possibly releasing an NC-17 rated version of the spanking melodrama after the surely R-rated version hits theaters.  Wait a minute.  The general public might be beseiged by more Fifty Shades of Grey?  Isn't that what the porn parodies are for?  Are they worried that the parody will be better produced than the adaptation, so they are beating it to the punch?

This raises another question.  Will Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (pictured above in the first on-set snapshot) be getting it on in real life?  I kind of want all of this to happen only for the sheer absurdity of it.  I assume that if this happens that Johnson and Dornan's ugly bits will be digitally altered with adult film stars.  You know, like how they were planning with Lars von Trier's sex odyssey, Nymphomaniac.  Did Nymphomaniac make Fifty Shades producers realize that they can make mommies soat their seats with glee?  Apparently, von Trier is still planning on released a five and half hour uncut (tee hee) version of his film, so maybe we will get to see Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey do it for real. 

Way to leave anything to the imagination there, guys. 

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