Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This Gorgeous Lady has a Birthday Today!

Everyone surely knows my love of Julianne Moore.  Any time this woman has a movie coming out, I squeal like a little girl, and I am not ashamed.  Moore turns 53 today. 

People constantly ask me why I am obsessed with Moore, and my answer is simple.  She is able to project emotion onto me like no other actress can.  I first noticed this in Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven.  In a key scene, Moore's Cathy Whitaker is asked by her friend Eleanor (Patricia Clarkson) if she is all right.  Cathy's home life is crumbling around her, and Cathy assures her that nothing is wrong.  Eleanor leaves, and Cathy breaks down.  I want to say that she helplessly reaches her hand out a moment to her friend, but I can't remember.  Cathy then retreats to her bushes and begins to cry.  Done.  Right there, ma'am!  I fell hard in love with Moore at that moment, because I had never felt so sad for a character.

I decided that I would avoid my usual career highlights for Moore, because I would crazily (and Stupidly?) talk every single movie.  I blab about her enough on here, so I don't want to sound like a total stalker or obsessive.  I will ask you this, though.  What other 53 year old is getting more beautiful with each year?  That's right.  None.  I always say that she is growing more stunning as the years go on.  She's always been beautiful, but come on!!!

Case closed. 

Moore's next high profile gig is playing President Alma Snow in the final two Hunger Games adaptations.  Can we just change the ending and have Snow take down Katniss Everdeen?  You know you want to see Julianne Moore beat the shit out of Jennifer Lawrence.  Admit it. 

Happy Birthday, Julianne!!!

Yes, we CAN be best friends!!!

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