Monday, February 17, 2014

A Short, Late Damning of 'That Awkward Moment'

Here's the thing.  I know I shouldn't go see movies like That Awkward Moment.  In the mood for something mindless, I attended a showing with some friends hoping for some mindless entertainment with hot boys.  What I got was one of the most maddening examples of characters that should all be kicked in the nuts.

Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, and Miles Teller play three guy friends who are continually looking for the next piece of ass.  Well, Jordan isn't, but he is getting back in the game after his wife leaves him.  Yes, his wife.  How old is this kid?  Within the first scene that featured Jordan, I was met with that awkward moment when I knew this wasn't going to sell me anything remotely realistic.  Nothing in this movie is real.  Nothing.  Not one single iota rings true in That Awkward Moment, and that's the most shameful and troubling thing about it.  Is it simple, escapist romantic drivel?  Yes, it is, and I knew that going in.  I knew what I was getting myself into, so I don't have anyone to blame but myself.  Shame on me for wanting to be surprised by something.  

Efron, Teller and Jordan make a pact to not get into serious relationships, so, naturally, they all start dating girls behind each other's backs.  Kate Hudson would be so proud!  In the end, when they all discover that they are all indeed in some form of relationship, I was mainly disappointed that this wasn't going to turn into a sausage fest triad.  Efron actually exclaims, "Wait!  You're in a relationship?!"  Later down the road, Efron's girlfriend's father dies and he doesn't attend the funeral.  His reasoning?  If he would have gone, she would have thought they were dating.  Or in a relationship.  

But don't worry.  He delivers a tearful speech at the end and gets back together with her.  These guys are all douches, and you shouldn't spend their time with them.  

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