Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wait a Minute...Am I Excited for Godzilla?

Back in 1998, my buddy Dan convinced me to go see Godzilla with him.  He was super excited, and I thought it looked really lame.  When we left the theater, he told me he had a good time, and I agreed with his mother that it was a big piece of stinking lizard poo.  It might be the earliest memory of me yelling at someone that a script made absolutely no sense.  Ah, the root of so many fights.   

The teaser for the Godzilla reboot came out a while ago, and I was embarrassed by how much I wanted to see it.  Settle down, I told myself.  It's just a teaser.  Wait until a full length trailer came out, and then see how you feel.  Well...a feature length trailer hit yesterday...and I am amped for it.  Big, loud, stupid action movie, here I come!  

Bryan Cranston provides initial voiceover, so I guess they want people to wet themselves over his presence and then cry when they realize Breaking Bad is still over.  It's great to see him all Malcolm-in-the-Middle-y and clean shaven again.  Hello, dimples!  Cranston is such a fucking great actor, so putting him at the very beginning of the trailer only enhances my excitement.  

Of course there is a decent level of destruction from the get-go, but they do a pretty good job of not showing Godzilla near the very end.  The monster does look rather CGI, but are we surprised by that?  I sort of love the long shot of him roaring while a set of doors close to hide him.

One thing we have neglected to mention is the sheer hotness of star Aaron Johnson.  We get to see him only briefly (only a bit more than the title baddie), but sweet mercy is he sexy.  

"Can you kill him?"

What?  I'm sorry, I wasn't listening to...what...are we talking about exactly?  Did I miss something?  And then there is the minuscule presence of Juliette Binoche.  Rude.  


So, am I the only one excited for this?  Is my Godzilla coming out story similar to anyone else's?

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