Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bette Midler to Make Oscar Debut. Confuse Me?

The Diving Miss M will be performing at this year's Academy Awards.  Can I take a moment and just squeal, because the first person I ever saw in concert was Bette Midler.  Still don't know how my mother didn't know I was a flaming baton of homosexuality.

When I heard the announcement this morning, a shocking thing coupled every headline.  Midler has never performed at the Oscars?  Surely, that wasn't true.  How the heck could that be?!  You would think she would have performed when "The Rose" was nominated, right?  But then you must remember that the song wasn't eligible that year.  Stupid music branch.  Nathaniel Rogers properly brings the painful memories back in this piece over at The Film Experience.  

I assume she will be singing during the In Memoriam segment.  Thank goodness someone decided that a diva needs to sing for this so the applause doesn't change so drastically.

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