Monday, February 17, 2014

My Favorite Mr. President

I wasn't going to write anything coinciding with Presidents Day, but I was browsing my bookshelves for something to watch, and I spied my copy of 2000's political thriller, The Contender.

Starring Joan Allen, Gary Oldman, and Jeff Bridges, The Contender tells the story of the first woman appointed to Vice President after the current one dies.  A Republican U. S. Senator Shelley Runyon (Oldman) believes that Hanson is not qualified enough for the position, and he begins an investigation to bring her down.  Apparently, an incident involving Hanson and a drunken college orgy is discovered, and Runyon begins a very public smear against Hanson.  

Bridges plays President Jackson Evans, and he stands by Hanson.  I remember seeing The Contender with my dad back in 2000, and it has stayed with me since then.  Both Allen and Bridges received Oscar nominations for their performances, and Bridges remains my favorite cinematic president.  

Sure, I could've picked other movie presidents from my upbringing.  I could have selected Bill Pullman for his rousing, blockbuster-y speech at the end of Independence Day.  I could have even picked Jack Nicholson's over-the-top asshole of a commander-in-chief from Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!  Bridge's speech near the end of The Contender has stuck with me since seeing it almost 15 years ago.  

So, Happy President's Day Jackson Evans.  You would have gotten my vote.  

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