Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bum Bum! Bum Bum! Da da da da da da daaaah!!! 'Jurassic World' Set Pics Surface!

Entertainment Weekly has three rad pictures from the set of Jurassic World.  Does it feel like a clean slate to anyone else?  Am I the only one who is overly excited for this movie?!  It takes me back to Geneva on the Lake and my parents' misguided decision to let their sensitive, pansy 8-year old son see Jurassic Park.  Sidebar about my life: I distinctly remember the audience reaction to the T-Rex destroying the Jeep scene.  That was summer movie pandemonium that I have yet to experience a second time.  

There really isn't much about the Jurassic re-boot, but I hope Bryce Dallas Howard plays someone evil again.  I liked her in The Help and...well, The Help.  That severe bob is doing it for me, so I'm even ore on board.  

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