Monday, April 7, 2014

Musical Watch: 'Begin Again' Gets Trailer

I realize that this is super late since it debuted last week, but I needed to write something about it.  We will be treated to many musical adaptations this year (Jersey Boys, Into the Woods, The Last Five Years), but Begin Again is an original work from the director of Once

Mark Ruffalo plays Dan, a music executive who is down on his luck.  He gets fired from his job, and he doesn't seem to be the best at raising his teenage daughter (played by Hailee Steinfeld).  Enter Greta, a young singer-songwriter played by Keira Knightley.  She is dating an up-and-coming musician (Adam Levine, forgive my gag reflex), and when he hits it big, he dumps her.  Dan and Greta's paths cross when he sees her play at a local bar.  

This looks really cute, and I'm board since I heard Glen Hansard contributed some music for the film.  Is Keira Knightley doing her own singing?  I can't find out whether that's true or not, but I assume she is (Scarlett Johansson was originally cast in the role).  

My only worry is Adam Levine.  He should be good at playing a total douche, right?  I guesssss he can strum a guitar, but I just don't like him (no matter how hot he is).  Is he channeling his inner Justin Timberlake and transitioning to acting?  Blech.  

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