Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diaz and Segel Have a 'Sex Tape' and Only iPads Come to Mind

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are starring in another raunchy comedy together (the first was Bad Teacher), so I am already down.  The movie is called Sex Tape, and you know a comedy with that title starring these two will be amusing.  

Diaz and Segel star as Annie and Jay, a married couple who have lost their mojo.  Annie suggests that they make a sex tape to spice things up, and, being a red-blooded man, he jumps at the chance.  They fall asleep before deleting their sexy romp, and the video is accidentally sent to family members and friends.  Annie and Jay must run around and find all the copies of the video before anyone is wiser.

This sounds a fun, simple premise, but something is bothering me.  The tape in question isn't really a tape, a minor quibble, to be sure.  I don't care that we have moved on from actual sex tapes on a cassette.  Annie and Jay's sex video is shared because they gave everyone iPads for Christmas, and their video is synced up with Jay's iCloud.  If you have enough money to shower everyone (including your mailman) on your Christmas list with an iPad, I think you can buy your way out of the shame of your video getting leaked.  Diaz still looks better than any other 20 year-old I know, and we have alllll seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  Mr. Segel has nothing to be ashamed about.  

Really?!  Burning the iPad is a better idea than giving it to me?!?!?

It looks funny.  I'm just bitter that I don't have an iPad.  Obvi.

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