Thursday, April 17, 2014

'Doubtfire' Sequel Happening. Run by Fruiting to the Face.

What the fuck.  They are making a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire?!  

How the hell can this work?  Mrs. Doubtfire was integral to my growing up.  Post-Aladdin but pre-JumanjiMrs, Doubtfire came out at a point in my childhood before I realized how dirty of a man Robin Williams was.  The only way that I will accept this is if it is the exact same story as the original.  A "here we go again!" scenario is the only way this would legitimately satisfy me.  Director Chris Columbus and Robin Williams are both set to return, but there is no word on whether Sally Field or Pierce Brosnan will come back.  He probably won't since his relationship with Amanda didn't really work out at the end of the original.  
This is the only scenario in which I will accept this remake.  It must have the same story as the original.  After the shenanigans of the first movie, Daniel and Amanda Hillard reconcile, but then their marriage deteriorates for a second time.  Even though his kids are grown up, Daniel isn't as quick as he used to be, so he breaks out the stockings and wig and begins to just hang around Amanda's house dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire.  Cue the Aerosmith!  Since Williams is getting up there in age, he won't need as much makeup, so they can save on the budget!

One person who has already spoken out about the plans is Mara Wilson who played little Natalie.  She took to Twitter to speak of her dissatisfaction with the entire idea.

Make the madness stop.  Shut it down.  Although if the project falls apart and Williams drops out, there is one alternative when it comes to casting...

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