Saturday, March 2, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen. An So Has My Interest.

The upcoming political action thriller Olympus Has Fallen features a LOT of square-jawed all-American men.  Gerard Butler.  Dylan McDermott.  And, perhaps the squarest of them all, Aaron Eckhart.

Butler plays a disgraced White House guard who goes rogue when the White House (cough Olympus) is under attack and the president (Eckhart) is kidnapped by terrorists.  There are lots of explosions in this measuring contest of a movie, as well as Eckhart declaring, "The United States does NOT negotiate with terrorists!"

Sheesh.  Why not just have a circle jerk with the rest of the red states?

I am pretty sure it is in Morgan Freeman's contract for him to only play God and the president.  Freeman (who plays Speaker of the House) becomes the acting president as soon as Eckhart is kidnapped.

I will see this movie for two reasons: Ashley Judd and Angela Bassett.

She's still ashamed that no one watched Missing.

Ashley Judd plays the First Lady until the Presidential Automobile (Ground Force Zero?) dives over a bridge, and Ms. Judd dies (presumably) dies an icy death.  Not a spoiler.  It's in the trailer.  

Can someone give me a legitimate reason as to why Bassett doesn't do more film?  Does she not want to do as much?  Are people in Hollywood really THAT threatened by a strong woman?  Is a White House correspondent (what I gather from the trailer, I could totally be wrong) the biggest and best role she could land?  Wouldn't a better movie be Judd and Bassett taking down international terrorists?  I would buy a ticket to that movie.  

I hate Gerard Butler, so I just might walk out after these two lovely ladies are escorted off screen.  I distinctly remember my dad, a huge Phantom-phile, demanding we leave Phantom of the Opera halfway through, because Butler butchered "Music of the Night."  When he stops talking out of the side of his mouth, I will reconsider taking him seriously.  

In the meantime, I will wait for Channing Tatum's White House Down.  At least that movie will give me someone hot to look at.

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