Thursday, March 21, 2013

We Need To Talk About Jane

Director Lynne Ramsay impressed art-house audiences with We Need to Talk About Kevin, and Natalie Portman signed on for her first starring role since killing Mila Kunis and hiding her body in a broom closet winning an Oscar for Black Swan with Ramsay's next project, Jane Got a Gun.  Portman plays the title character in ths western about a woman who enlists the help of her ex-lover in order to save her husband from a gang who is out to kill him. 

Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin.  Not the saddest Campbell's commercial.

Principal photography was supposed to start on this week, but, suddenly Ramsay abandoned the project.  Apparently, she just never showed up.  Hmmm.  Is someone dropping out of a movie kind of like when you work at a movie theater on a Friday night where the ticket seller doesn't show up?  Is there a "no call no show" policy in Hollywood?  I am genuinely curious. 

The casting changeups are more confusing than a Shakespearean comedy.  Or a really bad episode of Three's Company.  I'm not exactly sure I have it all straightened out, so please bear with me. 

Michael Dick-Hypnotizer Fassbender was attached to the project (as the ex-love, I think) but, due to scheduling conflicts with the new X-Men film, had to drop out (I've also read that he had a falling out with the director, so who knows).  Jude Law (still hot, but not as hypnotizing) replaced Fassy but his role was given to Joel Edgerton (confused yet?).  Not so fast!  Law wanted to work with Ramsey, so when she dropped out of the project, so did he.  Gavin O'Connor (director of Warrior) replaced Ramsey with Portman still on board as producer.  Portman has been silent on the matter, but this is a circus.  Who knows what's going to happen next. 

I want Ramsey and O'Connor to direct the movie and then release it as a double feature.  Wouldn't it be interesting to see two completely different directorial takes on the same script with the same cast? 

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  1. Can we see Michael's Fassbender in both directorial takes?