Friday, May 24, 2013

Bonus Fifty Shades of Suck: There Will Be Blood

It feels like the very first time...

Surprise!  Megan from Mego and I met to record another podcast in our Fifty Shades of Suck series.  We were meeting to see movie, and we decided why not record another episode?!  I was going to say that it was a special Memorial Day double podcast, but this book is offensive enough.  I don't need to offend MORE people. 

Since the book is starting to get a bit...ahem...graphic, we keep changing locations.  We started reading in a cafe at Barnes & Noble, but the mellow walls of this particular Waterfront bookstore didn't seem to appreciate my more colorful interpretations of the text.  We then moved to an outdoor table at a Starbucks, but it was pouring yesterday, so we scuttled into the AMC Lounge.  We had always wanted to drink while reading, so we guzzled some white wine while we read. 

Let me assure you, dear reader, that Fifty Shades of Grey is getting pretty naughty.  Listen to chapter seven!!!  And then have a listen to chapter eight!!!  Yes, we recorded two again.  After reading chapter seven, we HAD to keep going.  You will hear why.  

If you are just discovering Fifty Shades of Suck, my galpal Megan and I are reading EL James's inexplicable hit Fifty Shades of Grey out loud and providing our own snarky commentary.  If you need to catch up, have a listen to each of the podcasts below!

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