Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Won't You Be My Neighbor? Not If You Fuck It Up

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok. 

Mr. Rogers was a vital part of my childhood.  Thank you PBS for bringing that gentle man into my life when I was so young.  You can imagine how protective I am when it was announced that a Fred Rogers biopic is in the works.  Do NOT mess up Mr. Rogers! 

People broke the story two days ago online, and they suggested a few famous men who they think could don the iconic red cardigan.  I am concerned.  Steve Carell?  No.  Ty Burrell?  No.  Tobey Maguire?  Tobey fucking Maguire?!?!  Are you INSANE!!!  If that Seabiscuit-riding, Cider House Rules-reading bitch gets anywhere near King Friday, I will be on the news. 

Can we just have this guy do it?  He already has the costume, and he is from Pittsburgh.  I would be more comfortable if he took the role of Fred Rogers.  

Jim Parsons might be a good choice, but I think they should go with an unknown.  May I suggest James D'Arcy?  He has been playing supporting characters for quite some time now (Master and Commander, Cloud Atlas), and he relatively new enough to to the public to take on an iconic public figure without the stigma of his previous work.  D'Arcy was most recently seen as Anthony Perkins in Hitchcock. 

Come on, Treehouse Pictures.  Don't mess this up. 

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  1. @_@ This is the most nerve-wrecking casting job ever....