Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Stories We Tell": The Actual 'Mamma Mia!"?

Honey, honey, indeed!

I went to the movies last night (saw Mud, review coming soon!), and the final preview was for Sarah Polley's documentary, Stories We Tell.  Polley has been really solid with her directorial effots (Away from Her, Take This Waltz), so it's very interesting that this budding filmmaker is turning the camera on herself to solving the mystery of who her father is.  It could be one of three men... 

As I watched the trailer, all I could think about was Meryl Streep dancing on a Greek island and Amanda Seyfried longing to discover who her father is.  Polley's film is personal and probing, so I assume Pierce Brosnan won't make an appearance to assault our senses.  I am looking forward to seeing the film.  Rarely do we see a documentary that is so personal to the person behind the camera.

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