Friday, June 7, 2013

Hemsworth Brothers: They're Such Baldwins

I was too young to realize the hotness of the Baldwin brothers.  Before Alec was collecting Emmys and Stephen was on Big Brother, the Baldwin brothers were a hot commodity.  One of my favorite lines from Clueless is when Cher admits that her stepbrother, Josh, is hot.

"Ok, so he's kind of a Baldwin."

Are we ever going to have another brood of brothers that is so hot that they inspire their own terminology in a classic teen movie?!  Well, I am starting it now!  Next time you see a hot guy, just say, "Damn...what a Hemsworth!" 

I just watched the trailer for Liam Hemsworth's Paranoia (also starring Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman), and that was the first time that I thought he was mildly attractive.  The movie looks crappy and the trailer gives too much away but, hey, he's shirtless and not trying to mack on Miley Cyrus.  Win win for everyone. 

A lot of people know I am partial to Chris Hemsworth, Liam's hunkier, muscley brother.  Chris's career is also going a bit better (The Avengers, Snow White and the Huntsman, upcoming Ron Howard drama Rush), and I think Chris is just generally better to look at. 

Dear.  Thor.

Liam and Chris have another brother named Luke, but he hasn't broken out in any major films.  Luke has mainly worked on Austrailian television and soap operas, and he has an Adam Pally thing going on. 

Naturally, I need to have a poll.  Thanks to me, you will know what to exclaim when you see a hot man. 

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