Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Funnier Side of 'Shame'?

I was going to include the trailer for Thanks for Sharing in this week's Trailer Tracker, but it's already jammed packed (the new Trailer Tracker will hopefully be up.  Sharing stars Mark Ruffalo, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Josh Gad a group of people who are in some way or another dealing with sex addiction.  The whole time I watched it, however, I was thinking about Michael Fassbender in Shame

Ruffalo stars as Adam, a man in a twelve-step program for sex addiction when he meets Phoebe (Paltrow).  The Book of Morman's Josh Gad appears as Ruffalo's friend who seems to be going through the same problems.  Yay!  A buddy comedy about sexual addiction!  Well, not really.  The trailer hints that these men will find love and strong friendships along the way, etc. 

I don't think I can watch anything about sex addiction since Steve McQueen's Shame.  That movie kind of broke my in a way because of Michael Fassbender's performance.  That movie stuck with me for days.  Bonus full frontal shot of Fassy's elephant trunk.  Yes, I know Sharing is a comedy, but I feel like this is like the mainstream version of Shame.  I doubt there will be Oscar buzz around Ruffalo's performance as there was with Fassbender (don't even get me started on how my Fassy wasn't nominated 2 years ago...sigh...).

Three other things to note during the trailer. 

1.  Gwenyth  Paltrow's AMAAAAZING body.  Helllooo!!! 

2.  Am I the only one who didn't know Pink's real name was Alecia Moore?  She isn't listed by her popular pop star name.  Do what you gotta do, girl.  You break into that movie scene! 

3.  Hello, Patrick Fugit.  I've had a crush on him for years, and I always get excited when I see him in a movie. 

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  1. well, I think you are aware of my feelings for the adorable mark ruffalo and I know for a fact you are aware of my hatred of Gwyneth i'm better than everyone paltrow, BUT I think this looks good. I actually finally saw Shame a few weeks ago and this definitely looks like the "mainstream" version as you said. However, I kind of like that about it... shame was pretty heavy and I do enjoy a more "feel good" movie from time to time. Although this could be one of those movies that is actually super dark and the trailer just shows all the lighthearted parts because they think people can't handle the darkness... that's how I feel about the movie Hesher. I just watched that because I had vaguely remembered seeing a trailer and thought it looked funny. It was a really good movie but definitely wayyyy darker than I felt like it was portrayed.