Thursday, June 13, 2013

The People's Princess = Naomi's First Oscar?

I squealed with glee when I discovered the teaser trailer for the upcoming Princess Diana biopic, Diana.  I think I was more excited to catch a glimpse of a potential Best Actress nominee and not the movie iteself (although I have been researching Princess Diana a lot lately online), because the movie has the potential to be by-the-numbers or Iron Lady-like.

This is the sheer definition of a teaser trailer.  We don't get to see much of Naomi Watts as Princess Diana until the second half.  It's mostly a bunch of vague shots of Diana accompanied by some generic music.  This is like the Jaws of biopic teaser trailers.  You only catch glimpses until the end.  What we do get is a bunch of stuff to remind us how HUGE Princess Di was before her death.

Will Diana secure Naomi her third Oscar nomination?  She does very well playing strong characters in visceral movies, so it will be interesting in seeing her in a gentle role. 
I LOVE this shot from the trailer:

If anything, they got the top and side of Princess Diana's head perfect.

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