Monday, June 3, 2013

I'll Be Your 'Prisoner'

What's better than an all-star thriller?  Not very much, in my opinion!  Prisoners stars Hugh Jackman, Terrence Howard and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Are you drooling yet, because I know I am! 

A pleasant Thanksgiving get together turns terrifying when two small girls disappear right under everyone's noses.  The girls might have been playing on a random RV parked in the neighborhood, but, later, the vehicle can't be found.  Jackman and Howard play the distressed fathers (with Maria Bello and Viola Davis as their wives, respectively), and Gyllenhaal steps in as the hardened cop who begins the hunt.  I say "hardened" lightly because he still looks like Bubble Boy to me.  I don't care how severe of a neck tat you got, Jakey.  

Paul Dano supplies creeper realness as a possible baddie/kidnapper/molester.  I mean, he has those he HAS to be the guy responsible, right?  

I like me a good thriller, but this trailer shows SO MUCH.  I fear that we have seen everything in the movie. Also, it looks like two movies mashed together.  It's a disappearance movie, but then it takes a severe turn into Taken territory when it seems Jackman and Howard take matters into their own hands.  

I will come for the grizzled, take charge men.  I will stay for Viola Davis.

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