Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Calm Down, 'Alexander'; You Look Just Fine

It might be easy to judge the big screen version of Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, but I actually think it looks kind of cute.  It's been years since I read the Judith Viorst, and I auditioned for a production of it in college.  I was determined to win the coveted title role of Alexander, but lost out to Jacob Isaac.  That bastard.  I can't pass a Barnes & Noble Jr. without spying the book and internally shaking my fist at him.  I would probably hate him if he wasn't adorable in the role.  Again, that bastard.  

The big screen adaptation stars Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner as the parents of four kids.  Alexander, one of their younger kids, seems to be a major klutz with a case of the awkwards.  His older brother teases him, and everyone in Alexander's family pretty much has it together.  In a reversal of misfortune, however, his family collectively experiences the worst day ever, and Alexander is the only one who really understands.  

Are you judging me for thinking this is kind of cute?  I just don't think there are very many movies out there for the entire family to go to.  Of course there are great animated feature films, but what was the last squeaky clean entertainment that an entire family could go to see?  Diary of a Wimpy Kid?  Cheaper by the Dozen?  Surely, there's something out there that I'm missing, but this looks harmless and fun.  I would prefer that my kids see this than another effing Transformers movie.  

You can take your kids to see some crappy animated movie or something with nothing but CGI.  And if I see Jacob Isaac in line, I will push him out of the way this time.  

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