Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Who Will Walk Through the 'Moonlight' with Me?!

The trailer for another Woody Allen's latest, Magic in the Moonlight, debuted today.  Trailers for Allen films are always cause for celebration in my book, and Moonlight looks really cute.  It stars Emma Stone, Colin Firth, Marcia Gay Harden and Eileen Atkins.  

Stone plays a phony mind reader in the south of France, and Firth is tasked to prove that she is a fraud.  Soon enough, however, he begins to fall under her spell, and it seems that he might think her powers are legitimate.  Fans of Midnight in Paris might love this.  Some floppy hats and scenic locations can do wonders for those resistant to Allen films.  

I forgot how much the camera loves Emma Stone.  She just shines on screen, and I'm curious to what she will be like without being allowed to go crazy.  That's an aspect I love about her, but the constraints of a director like Allen could be great.  

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