Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Kendrick is Her Own Drinking Buddy in 'Happy Christmas' Trailer

I haven't seen last year's Drinking Buddies, but everyone has recommended it to me.  After watching the trailer for the upcoming Happy Christmas, I am even more curious.  The combination of Anna Kendrick seems very appealing.  

Melanie Lynskey and Joe Swanberg play Jeff and Kelly, a married couple living in Chicago with their young child.  Jeff's an aspiring filmmaker and Kelly is a writer.  Their lives are interrupted when Jeff's sister, Jenny (played by Kendrick) comes to town, and she brings her drinking problem with her.  Jenny can't be trusted to watch her brother's son, and she doesn't seem timid to make out with guys that come her way.  

It reminds me of Rachel Getting Married for some reason (even though the only thing in common is a sister coming back to family).  Lena Dunham has a part as Jenny's friend, Carson.  I would love to see Kendrick in a more dramatic role, but she can also charm the pants of you.  She's adorable, relatable, and she can be totally funny at the same time.  Fingers crossed that she breaks my heart in this.

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