Monday, August 4, 2014

Everyone Could Use Some 'Dick'

"Isn't it illegal to cut up a flag?"

"Not if you sew it back together."

Ah, Dick.  The Kirsten Dunst-Michalle Williams Watergate comedy came out 15 years ago today, and I cannot be happier to celebrate it.  I'm probably going to watch it later tonight, and I will try to introduce the majesty of it to the husband.  I'm not sure if he has seen it or not.

If you are unfamiliar with Dick, Dunst and Williams play Betsy and Arlene, two high school students who unexpectedly meet President Nixon.  Tricky Dick's paranoia causes him to hire Betsy and Arlene as "official White House dog walkers," and they unwittingly become involved with the Watergate scandal.  It also stars Will Ferrell, Teri Garr, and Dan Hedaya as Nixon.  

If you've seen Dick, you love it.  It's so much fun, and Dunst and Williams are adorable.  I remember I saw Dick the same weekend as The Sixth Sense and The Thomas Crown Affair, and my dad loved this one the best. 

My absolute favorite moment is kind of a throwaway line.  Betsy and Arlene are walking through the White House, and when they turn down a hallway, Betsy says, "I think it was left."  Arlene quietly makes the astute observation, "that's because you couldn't go right."  Whatever!  That's the funniest part of the movie!  I've always wanted to yell out "YOU'RE A BAAAAD MAAAN!" at some point during an argument, but, unfortunately, the moment has never presented itself.

So, Happy Birthday Dick!  One day I will look for Betsy and Arlene's roller disco.

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