Friday, August 22, 2014

Fifty Shades of Suck: Who's the Boss's Boss's Boss?

Well, I have changed the name back to Fifty Shades of Suck.  It's much better, and I can admit when something isn't working.  If it ain't broke, spank it!  Wait, that's not right...

In Chapter 3 of Fifty Shades Darker, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey manage to make a trip to the grocery store mind numbing.  Before that, however, we learn that Christian has made a rather large purchase that shocks Ana.  To be honest, it also shocked me and Megan, because, frankly, it's creepy as hell.  We are starting to think that Christian Grey isn't sexy any more.  It's becoming a controlling relationship.  Do people really think what he does is romantic?  That explains all the head cases out there.  

I am not sure if I can even be excited for the inane emails anymore.  They need to have some lessons on flirting that doesn't make everyone think they are...

I will also never have an appetite for stir fry ever again...

If you are wondering why there is a picture of Tony Danza here, you will just have to listen and find out!

If you are new to Fifty Shades of Suck, Megan from Megoblog and I have teamed up (against our better judgement) to provide you all with a Fifty Shades of Grey experience that you won't be ashamed of.  Once a week, we read a chapter out loud (one chapter per podcast), and we record ourselves doing it.  Last year, we had a ball reading it aloud in public places and making people uncomfortable.  You can listen to all of those entries here

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