Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Poll: Which AHS Promo 'Freak's You Out?

Even though the fourth season of FX's American Horror Story doesn't premiere until October 8th, there are a lot of short teases coming out.  Yesterday, the period promo art (above) gave us a glimpse of the ensemble with regular Jessica Lange front and center.  Sarah Paulson's conjoined twins hangs above the fray.  

But what of all those teases?  Which gets you most excited?  Do any of them freak you out?  Take a look at all the short promos and vote which you think is the most effective.  

I know, I know.  This isn't an official promo (it was confirmed a fake the day after it was posted online), but the aesthetic was enough to trick fans and get the anticipation going.  If Ryan Murphy ever needs someone to help create spots, he should seek these people out.  

This official tease came with an admit one ticket.  

You want something sugary and sweet?  Then this teaser isn't for you.  

This one might be my favorite.  A three-legged trapeze act makes impressions of a swastika.  Lange's character is German, so it's not a bad assumption, right?  

This caged teaser debuted just hours ago.  I've never heard of a freak show act being held in a cage, so I apparently need to go to more freak shows...

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