Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams Was a Childhood Friend

I never knew Robin Williams, but, until I learned of his tragic passing yesterday, I'd forgotten how much he was a part of my life.  Of my growing up.  I would say that he was responsible for a lot of the laughter in my young life.  

The husband and I watched The Birdcage just last weekend, and the disc is still in our blu-ray player.  While we watched, we talked about all the movies Williams starred in during the late 80's and all through the 90's.  As soon as we thought we were done with the conversation, we'd remember another one.  Williams was in everything that I watched when I was younger.  Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook are three of my all-time favorites.  The list goes on and on.  Jack, Toys, Dead Poets Society, Nine Months.  I loved him in everything.  His frantic energy and that comforting smile.  

Williams is my brother's favorite actor.  I don't necessarily see eye to eye with my brother all the time, and we don't always get along.  I feel bad for him today, because he lost his favorite actor.  He loved Williams so much.  I remember how obsessed he got when Doubtfire came out.  Our dad bought him Alias Madame Doubtfire from Walden Books at the Beaver Valley Mall after we saw the movie.  He didn't like the book very much.  My dad also bought him a cassette tape of Williams' comedy, but my dad didn't realize how adult oriented it was.  I can still remember him frantically trying to find the eject button after some dirty humor.  

Any time this man was in front of a mic, it was gold.

I don't know what makes a person take their own life.  It's a horrible, horrible thing, and my heart goes out to his entire family.  Any time we think of Williams, though, we can't help but smile.  He was the Genie, he was Mrs. Doubtfire, he was Peter Pan.  Robin Williams was part of your family, and you never thought that he would go anywhere.  He's always going to be there.  

Thanks for all the laughs, buddy.  

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  1. I will miss him. I blame CBS a little for cancelling the Crazy Ones.