Tuesday, August 19, 2014

'Let's Be' Better Than This, Ok?

Part of me doesn't know why I saw Let's Be Cops.  All right, a lot of me doesn't.  I was seeing another movie a few hours later, and it was the only thing that fit into the schedule.  The story of two best friends--two bros, two lifelong pals--who get a kick out of impersonating cops isn't very funny.  While I'm aware that this is a comedy, it made me uneasy.  

Do girls really fawn over cops like this?  I've never seen it.  Sure, maybe a good-looking man in uniform might be attractive, but Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. cement their plan to impersonate officers when they walk down the street and every single hot girl winks or looks longingly at them while the studio faked wind blows their hair.  Please.  It's like a male fantasy come to life: you get to carry a gun AND every single woman will want you!  Yes, you!  

The carelessness of these guys really bugged me.  You're really going to buy a police car off eBay and then run around and pretend to be a cop?  How Let's Be Cops didn't end with both of them getting killed it beyond me.  By the end, it tries to be serious.  The pals get themselves in hot water with a gang and they risk their lives.  There's lots of gun play, and a real cop gets to save the day.  It's really unsettling to see two boneheads running around carelessly when all the events are happening in Ferguson.  

The movie itself is not funny.  It's an excuse for guys to run around and be idiots.  I'm sick of seeing it--especially sick of seeing it so poorly done.  

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