Thursday, September 5, 2013

All is Right with the World. Zac Efron is Shirtless Again.

Zac Efron is positive proof that God likes gay people.  His gloriously overworked body shall be on display next year in a new movie, and shirtless images of him are flooding the web.   

Mr. Efron has been quite MIA from movies lately (well, The Lucky One came out last year, but I constantly forget about it), but he is making a loud, triumphant shirtless return with his next flick.  In Neighbors, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play new parents who suddenly have to combat the raucous arrival of a new frat house next door.  On a side note, check out Megan's post about how she is sick of hot girls being married to not-hot-enough men.  Efron plays one of the frat boys.  If that weren't enough, Dave Franco is also starring. I repeatedly have to check my pulse, because I fear that I have died and gone fo heaven.  I actually think Rogen is adorable in a schlubby, I'm-sorry-I-got-stoned-at-grandma's-funeral kind of way.  Neighbors crosses all spectrums of male taste!  Feast my friends, feast!

The movie actually looks like it could be funny.  Who knew? 

I was discussing Efron with a true Efron-ite last night, and we came to the conclusion that he should stop trying to make such serious career choices happen.  Efron's hotness is a bit distracting to me in the same way Channing Tatum's hotness was in the last few years.  Tatum eventually proved that he is a more versatile performer, but I am just waiting for Efron to have such a breakthrough.  Did anyone see Charlie St. Cloud?  You know, the Zac Efron plays catch with his dead brother movie?  Man, was that garbage.  Again, Zac.  Zac-y.  I feel we are at that place.  Stop trying to make a serious career happen.  Just make this happen:

This is ridiculous.  I can't stop staring at this gif, because it is everything that I need in life.  Zac Efron grilling for other men.  Shirtless.  With a 'who me?' turn of the head.  Shirtless.  Abs.  Frat boy.  Shirtless.  I just can't. 

"You mean these guns?"  Yes. 

Oh, you're late, Zac?  I don't mind because that shirt is just the right amount of tightness.  Thank you.  Please show up late every day for everything for the rest of your life.

Just lounging with the guys?  Oh, you!  This is very close to the ultimate Corbin Fisher video.  Am I right? 

He shows up shirtless just to do promos with his infinity chubbier co-star?  I think that's what's going on.  Do I care?  Obviously not. 

And then, dear friends, it doesn't get less distracting, because Mr. Efron insists on doing this while cameras stop rolling.

Oh, to be a hand upon that...oh...when did you get here...

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  1. Don't insult gay people. Zac Efron is a creepy weirdo