Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thank ya, Jesus...

I wasn't going to write something about this, because I was afraid I would be too mean to a little girl. 

Let's just say I was a bit...concerned...over the casting of YouTube sensation (and Nicki Minaj cover artist) Sophie Grace Brownlee (pictured, right) in the role of Little Red Riding Hood in Rob Marshall's Into the Woods adaptation.  I don't really know anything about Miss Brownlee other than that she sang Nicki Minaj and did an appearance on Ellen

I have never seen a Little Red so young.  Her interactions with The Wolf (Johnny Depp in the movie) always freaked me out because of its pedo nature (get it...predator...get it...), and I was concerned Marshall would cut out that creepy element.

I just discovered yesterday that Miss Brownlee will not be in the adaptation, because she has been replaced with Lilla Crawford, star of the latest revival of Annie on Broadway.  Bring more stage actors to the screen!  Here is her rendition of "Tomorrow":


Conversely, here is Sophia Grace's take on "Super Bass" by Ms. Minaj.

Shudder.  What do you think?

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